Arcan has left the residents home alone – and we all know what that means.
Get ready to party all weekend like the parents are never coming back with FREE entry, all night long, like a true house party.
Đội ngủ Arcan đồng loạt trẩy hội, bỏ lại một vài resident DJs đáng thương – và bạn hiểu ý tôi rồi chứ?
Hãy chuẩn bị cho một đêm hết nấc giống như khi bố mẹ đi vắng. MIỄN PHÍ VÀO CỔNG, kéo dài suốt đêm, một cuối tuần house party đúng nghĩa!
11pm till 1am QTERROR
1am till 2.30am RO-TUNE
2.30 till close BARDAWHEEL
////// RO-TUNE ////////
Ro-TUNE is an electronic music duo from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, consisting of KAISER T and HILLUSION (Best-performance contestant of Mix Us Happy Vietnam 2017, organized by Pioneer DJ Vietnam Center).
At the end of the year 2017, they decided to team up and create their own platform for different musical identities, despite the fact that each of them have always played every style available in electronic dance music. Unconstrained by boundaries, they have tried mixing with Minimal & Techno to create a sound that is uniquely their own.
Together, they share the stage at Vibes Nation Beach Festival Vietnam , Water Sensation Cambodia and at ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2018 , Ro-TUNE ,for the first time, stood as a representative of Vietnam to play at the 4th Stage (created by PIONEER DJ) and received many positive responses from the crowd.