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Ro-Tune is a Vietnamese collective electronic music project of KAISER T, GRAY WYOT, HILLUSION.

In the summer of 2017, Kaiser T met Hillusion in a music competition called Mix Us Happy Vietnam. With the common voice in techno, with a hard-hitting techno style, they presented Ro-Tune. Music is the main bridge and catalyst for the development of the duo as they participate in live electronic music performances at many nightclubs around Vietnam.

Years after, Ro-TUNE had Gray Wyot as part of their team, and together, they found SONA Recordings and spent nearly a year in the studio producing and releasing their first EP called “BLACK”, released under Haustek Records, consisting of 5 tracks in peak time techno style.

The BLACK EP revolves around the stories and memories of them during five years of companionship and attachment. With the “Peak Time Techno” style, Ro-Tune always strives to bring music with Asian ingredients, in the Vietnamese style, with sounds, images, and spaces that are recreated based on their stories.

Ro-TUNE’s music and performance, both on DJ set and live set, are heavily influenced by veteran names in the Techno scene in Vietnam, such as Tri Minh, Attis Ngo, Dee F, Chin, etc. They have played at a number of gigs around Vietnam (Epizode, Boiler Room, United We Stream Asia) and Southeast Asia.

BLACK EP released under Haustek Records.

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