Saigon’s club scene has been through a crazy fast development in the past few years. And we can be so proud of what we have achieved together as a community together with the love for Vietnam’s club culture and dance music.
Everyone in here contributed a big part to this scene and without you all this would not have been possible. Saigon became so diverse in terms of club music and each of your labels is now covering its own subculture by yourself. And this is so beautiful to see. Thanks to Ross Lancaster featuring us on RA, Saigon had the chance to be on the international radar as one of the fastest-growing cities in terms of club culture.
On the occasion of the Holiday (Vietnams National Day), we want to invite you all to gather to celebrate the evolution of Saigon’s club scene, by inviting all you guys together to unite for two nights in the place where we used to congregate, where all around us we see familiar faces.
This is truly a celebration of togetherness, a celebration of life, we will dance throughout the night and even through the sunrise.
Day 1 – 2/9
>> Nyjah
>> Ry Guy
>> Jase
>> Mess
>> Minoto
>> Joke
>> Duc
Day 2 – 3/9
>> Teripapi
>> Oso & Zoey
>> Levi
>> Khoi Mai
>> Ro-Tune
>> Yariuss
>> watXman